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Burnley and Pendle

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Part Two

Based on the results of a one year survey this two part series provides a fascinating insight into the new discoveries of prehistoric Burnley and Pendle. This district of East Lancashire has long been neglected when it comes to archaeological research but at last we begin to see the wealth of historic features that the area has to offer.


The combined books run to over 435 pages of brilliantly researched material covering stone circles, lost ancient villages, burial sites, celestial alignments, settlements, occupation patterns etc. All illustrated by more than 200 B&W and colour illustrations.



Cotton and Cold Blood is a historical novel based on the real lives of people within the East Lancashire village of Barrowford during the Victorian period . The author is a professional historian and has used many years of research to reproduce a fascinating true story.
The central character of the story is Sarah Ann Davis, a young woman born into an iron-working family in the Black Country. As a teenager in the 1880s Sarah was uprooted from her Midlands home, and the love of her  life, and placed into domestic service in Barrowford. She was happy in the village until life dealt her a devastating blow in the form of a certain Edison Nowell.

The comedy and tragedy of the time are reflected here in a brilliantly observed novel -
a must-read for anyone with even the slightest interest in the world of Victorian Lancashire.

Written by the leading expert on the subject this trio of titles are perhaps the most historically and factually informative books available on the subject of the Pendle witch trials of 1612 and 1634.






Revised Edition for 2014


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Having been interested in the witches since I could walk  - I would just like to say thanks for the books: the Lancashire Witch Conspiracy and Pendle Witch Fourth Centenary Handbook are nothing less than absolutely outstanding.

                       Brilliant work in every way - please keep writing. Stephen O.  September 2014

AMAZON - Most Helpful Customer Reviews - By Edwin Thwaites on 5th September 2014:

An excellent coverage of archaeology in a significant but under researched important area. This shows what can be done.


High quality work demonstrated in this professional monograph but nevertheless accessible to the intelligent general reader.

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